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Black Shark Dragon Nest M SEA, the private server version of the action MMORPG, Dragon Nest M is here for you to play. With servers located in Singapore, highly optimized for SEA players! Login and get exclusive rewards instantly and increase BP fast!

Black Shark Dragon Nest M SEA Private Server Features

  • Free 2 Billion Diamonds, Gold Coins.
  •  Free x10 Level 12 Dragon Jade each type.
  •  Free x150000 2019 Lucky Coin to exchange exclusive items in shop.
  •  Free Sakura Story set costume.
  •  Free S Dragon-Ware Chest(Lv. 130).
  • Free Holy Little Angel fairy.
  • New x2 Aileen’s Sweepstakes Token (H),
  • Free Elaphurus Davidianus Mount Card,
  • Free medal to activate tittle: King Medal, Best Family, Attractive Guild, CBT, HOMECOMING, Pro Always Lonely, Christmas title of 2018, Happy new Year 2019, Fish Mourn (20 Days), Give Me a Red Envelope (30 Days), Caring Guy, Sweet Goddess, The King of Fruits (30 Days), Star of DN, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Water Bucket Believer, Water gun Zealot, Legend Giant Lobster, Ice Dragon Knight, Dragon’s Sigh, Couple Title, Endless Rain, Rhythm of the Rain, Halloween Exorcist.
  • Free Ghost Venom 3-Piece Set,
  • Instant Level 130,
  • Customized Dragon-Ware 10 Slot,
  • Customized Heraldry,
  • Unlimited Stamina,
  • Hard Dragon lairs,
  • No GM Gears, but STR, INT, AGI weapon. Also Percentage sub-weapon available on shop.
  • Discord Events.
  • Feel free to join our discord and find guildmate or friend to play with!
  • The features of Black Shark Dragon Nest M SEA Private Server listed above is features when this game first time shared at PrivateGames.Link.

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November 23, 2021
November 17, 2023
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