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PrivateGames.Link, previously known as PVTGames, is a private site developed by SilverSh in order to backup private server games for Android since he keep trying other games, so maybe next time he want to retrying the game.
This started around July 2020 when at that time he (SilverSh) did not have any activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic so he thought of running this website. Besides that, another thing that influenced the formation of this website was because when he played a game he quickly felt bored so he thought of sharing the games he had played with the hope that everyone could play them too.
Of course, everything did not go smoothly when we started managing this website, of the many problems we used were frequently infected with viruses and forced to reinstall and delete some files. In addition, we often find private server game information from random sites, but all we get is fake applications or official games that are out of date.

With your support, we hope to be able to run this website even longer so that you can find private server games that really work easily