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Update: 02 February, 2022.

By using the information, services and products available through this site, part or all from privategames.link, you KNOW and AGREE to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All use of the games provided on this site is completely beyond the responsibility of the privategames.link.
  2. When you visit this site, the server will automatically save your IP address and which pages of this website you access into the server log that we use to anticipate security attacks. However, the stored IP addresses will be automatically deleted within a few days.
  3. This site is not associated with games provided for download and cannot be held responsible for problems or errors arising from the use of these games.
  4. This site is not responsible for any legal or personal problems that occur as a result of using these games.
  5. All problems, responsibilities and consequences resulting from downloading games on privategames.link are entirely the responsibility of the user while the privategames.link is not responsible at all.
  6. We never sell games, in-game purchases, or donations for games on any store, Marketplace or social media! If anyone claims to be us, please join our discord and ask to silversh#9003 to verify if it’s really us.
  7. We never modding, hacking, or set up any game servers! We are only providers whose sources are taken from external sites, forums and groups!
  8. Play on the official server to keep the games you love online! We are not responsible for any use of this website.
  9. Some games shared on this site may ask for access permissions such as gallery, contacts, and others. We recommend playing private games using virtual space.
  10. You may leave a review on the games shared on this website. However, please review it relevantly and without spam.
  11. We never ask for your game account for any reason!
  12. When you choose to download the game, you will be redirected to another website which may have different rules and conditions.
  13. Some of the services we use to store files for you to download are: getspace.us, getspace.online, getspace.eu, degoo.com,
    If you tap the download button and the download address of the file is not from that site, please contact us to confirm whether the file you downloaded is correct.


You may choose to join our newsletter program by filling in your name and email address in the “Subscribe Newsletter” form. Here’s a thing or two you need to know about newsletter programs.

What we collect

When you join our newsletter program, we will collect specific things that you enter in the form, which include:

  1. Your Name
    This is used so we can address you by your name in emails we send regarding updates.
  2. Your Email
    This is used to ensure that our messages go to your email address, so you don’t miss any updates from us.

What we send to your email

The following is one or more messages that we will send to your email when you subscribe to our newsletter program.

  1. Updates regarding terms and conditions.
  2. Updates regarding Policy
  3. Updates regarding new games added on our site.
  4. Updates regarding the latest articles published on our site.

How Do We Protect Your Data

Personal data shall be subject to additional safeguards to ensure this data is processed securely. For example, we work hard to ensure data is encrypted when in transit and storage, and access to this data will be strictly limited to a minimum number of individuals and subject to confidentiality commitments.

We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this Policy. Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to any of our websites; any transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorised access. When possible, encryption is used, both in transit and storage. Access controls within the organisation limit who may access information.

Who Do We Share Your Personal Data

We maintain direct control over as many processes as we can. As necessary in connection with the above purposes, your personal data may be transferred to the Board of Trustees or our authorised third-party service providers and partners. We conscientiously select and review authorised third parties when possible and review their privacy and security policies. These authorised third parties may be engaged in, among other things, the processing of donations, technology support, outreach campaigns, or research projects carried out in connection with our mission.

We will protect your data and try our best not to give your data to irresponsible parties. However, as stated in the “How Do We Protect Your Data” section, the connection on the internet is not completely secure.


If you are a publisher of a game (either from official or private server) and want to remove it from privategames.link, please send a message to: privategameslink[at]pm[dot]me. We will then contact you within 72 hours to verify your identity and will follow up on your report

More about Terms and Conditions

We may change the terms and conditions when we find that changes are necessary, and you can get notifications about changes to the terms and conditions on this page.
If you have further questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact us at: privategameslink[at]pm[dot]me.