Since this website was built to share private server games and of course there are those of you who want to play on a private server for the first time and some who have been playing on a private server for a long time. If you have been playing private games for a long time, of course you already understand the risks, but maybe those of you who are just starting to play don’t know the risks of playing private server games.
Therefore, here I will give you some information about the risks of playing private server games from my experience in trying many private games.

Of course this does not have to be a benchmark and consider private server games the same. Because private server games have different developers, so of course there will be different things from each server. But here I will write from most or maybe just a few that I know.

The risks you might face if you play private server games

So actually I don’t really understand how to write a blog like this, that’s why I will immediately explain everything and below is not in the order of the most risky or not, but only random numbering from what I remember.

1. Mobile data security risks

Well, as I said earlier that all private server games are the same, but there is still a possibility that the private server game you are playing is taking your data secretly and you don’t know that your data is being retrieved. Since most private server games are shared on random websites and there is no feature to scan whether that game has engine or malware, of course you won’t know. Unlike the official games published on official platforms such as Google Play or Apple Store, of course they have been scanned automatically or maybe manually so you have a less risk of losing data. But maybe there are games that add to the recording of your phone number when they don’t want players from other countries to play their games.
If you want to be safer from things like this, you can install private server games in virtual space, which currently has many applications you can find on official platforms like Google Play.

2. Short life cycle

It’s not taboo to know that many private server games have short life cycles. sometimes within 2-4 months a server will shut down, either it’s completely shut down or the admin says it’s closed, but actually builds a new server again. Even so, there are also games that have been running for a long time and haven’t closed until this article was written, such as Legacy of Discord Retro Edition, Idle Heroes private server, and Nulls Clans. I think that three servers have been around since 2019 and are still active until now.
There are a lot of things that make a server shut down, some are closing their servers because they are really busy, some are closing their servers because no one is donating or playing, and some are closing their servers to open new servers and get more money (Honestly, I hate these the most).
So, now what is on your mind is “why is a short life cycle considered a risk?”. So when you have been playing for a long time on a server and you are still playing it, but then suddenly the server is closed, of course you will feel a loss for all your efforts or even your donations on this server.

3. No refunds for donations

Unlike games in the play store where you can request a refund for in-game purchases, when you make a donation and want to make a refund, maybe it will be very difficult or even impossible at all. In fact, the worst thing might be that it will become a topic or drama and other people will blame you except for people you really know.
What’s more, sometimes there are no secure payment methods. In a word, you can only make donations by sending directly, for example, you send your money to the admin by writing the paypal email manually. Of course, if there is a typo, even just one letter, there will be a loss for yourself.

4. No bug fixes

Well, so when building a private server, sometimes the owner only knows how to build it without knowing how to change it further. So when there is a bug, it can just be left alone then the admin can only add rules not to take advantage of bugs without fixing them. The question is, What will happen if you don’t join their community then you accidentally find a bug and your account is banned? Of course you will be confused and maybe feel a loss too if you have made your character as good as possible.

5. What else?

And it seems that’s all I remember so far, maybe I’ll update it again when I remember again.
The conclusion: When you decide to play a private server game, it means that you are ready with the various risk and of course some of the risks that I have written in this article. And for the security of your data, you should always use virtual space when installing private server games so that your game storage space and sensitive data are in different places.