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Era of Angels Unlimited Recharge is a 3D magical MMOARPG game with a human and demons story background, beautiful skills and special effects, cool angel transformations, allowing you to experience the smoothest and most beautiful magical world.

Benefits are greatly improved, log in to get 1,000 yuan recharge, active daily to get 10 yuan recharge, unlimited recharge (activate VIP), free to full V, upgrades and golden courage Archangel + matching gods are waiting for you. leading the humans who lost their leadership in the Demon War to regain the world that belongs to us.

Era of Angels Unlimited Recharge Private Server Features

  •  Free 1.000 Yuan recharge cards,
  •  Free recharge card every day, unlimited free recharge,
  •  Free Golden Courage Archangel + Matching God Soldier,
  •  Free 7-day gifts red mount “Chinese Dragon”, red wings “Sacred Wings”, Tier 5 set,
  •  Automatic main task, and one-key start of equipment enhancement,
  •  Newly upgraded daily active treasure chest,
  • you can synthesize a red moon shadow angel in 12 days, and receive diamonds and recharge cards
  • daily,
  • Starter VIP 8,
  • Diamonds *30000,
  • Bound diamonds *30000,
  • golden keys *10 (ten consecutive treasure hunt),
  • gold coins *2.000.000,
  • Monthly card, weekly card, diamond investment prices remain unchanged, rewards are greatly increased, and the rebate can be up to 180 times,
  • The drop rate of BOSS is increased by 5 times.
  • Feel free to join our discord and find guildmate or friend to play with!
  • The features of Era of Angels Unlimited Recharge listed above is features when this game first time shared at PrivateGames.Link.
  • Recharge Card can be used to obtain the corresponding amount of diamonds and the corresponding amount of noble VIP experience. However, other recharge activities such as first charge, accumulated charge, automatic rebate, chat restriction, etc. cannot be activated.

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