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New Dragon Nest M Rev, The classic is immortal! Dragon Valley on the phone
3D MMORPG, beyond the highest specifications of mobile games.
Perfectly transplanted online gameplay, the most classic copy map,
Pursuing the death of the girl Rose, the death of Gerent, the legend of the six heroes… the familiar plot reappears one by one,
Old comrades, let’s meet at DN!

New Dragon Nest M Rev Private Server Features

  •  Free 2.38 million diamonds,
  •  Free 2.38 million dragon coins,
  •  Free 2.38 million crystals,
  •  Free 23.88 million gold coins,
  •  Free 2.38 million Diamonds,
  •  500NT (71 MYR) growth fund can get 5 million diamonds, buy and get 140 free!
  •  Top-up ratio is 1 Taiwan dollar up to 3000 diamonds (1 diamond = 5 dragon coins),
  •  The first charge can get the L-level night sky three-piece set + lion and scorpion exchange card + impulsive + calm guardian beast,
  •  For characters such as 40, give one L Fairy optional box (optional latest holy little fairy),
  •  login activities at 21:30 every day, free diamond gifts,
  •  Open level upper limit 150,
  •  A copy of the forest dragon (Kaylun Island) a copy of the forest dragon peak (Kaylun Island),
  •  Increase forest dragon equipment,
  •  Open Time Dragon Cave Sea Dragon-Green Dragon-Salon-Black Dragon (can make sacred artifacts),
  •  New partner portfolio,
  •  Open the fairy crown (fairy gear),
  •  Material preparations open weekend carnival,
  •  New mercenary Barna,
  •  The mall adds a lot of fashion and materials.
  • Feel free to join our discord and find guildmate or friend to play with!
  • The features of New Dragon Nest M Private Server listed above is features when this game first time shared at PrivateGames.Link.

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November 17, 2023
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