Just like other code redeem articles, so I made this code redeem article to make it easier for you to redeem the code. But as usual I won’t tell you how to redeem it, because I have shown it in one of my videos, so please just look there.
And as usual, these codes also have a limited quota, so make sure you redeem it right away because it may run out of quota or expire soon. And one more thing, make sure you redeem this code only in Astral Fable Massive Edition because it won’t work on other servers especially on official server.
If you already want to redeem the codes immediately and are bored with the opening of this article, please just copy the code below:

All “Astral Fable Massive Edition” Redeem Code

Download Astral Fable Massive Edition

  • RRA8TU (NEW)
  • ALG0AI
  • QYE2W0
  • VIP6666
  • VIP8888
  • VIP7777
  • VIP1111
  • 8KSWCX
  • ZASO69

That’s all the codes that you can use up now, if you find any experid code, feel free to leave a comment so that other people can find out too and I can update it.