Hello there. Are you playing Elora Cavalry and somehow looking for redemption codes? if so, here we will share all Elora Cavalry redeem codes for you, so make sure to redeem this code as soon as possible before its quota are full, or expired.
So, let’s straight to all possible codes you can redeem!

All Elora Cavalry Redeem Codes

  • Q983E280824
    Rewards: 1M Gold Coins, x300.000 Hero EXP, x600 Advanced Stones, x20 Advanced Summon Scrolls, x50.000 Diamonds
  • Q972137C287
    Rewards: x800.000 Gold Coins, x250.000 Hero EXP, x500 Advanced Stones, x10 Advanced Summon Scrolls, x40.000 Diamonds
  • Q97882137A0
    Rewards: x600.000 Gold Coins, x200.000 Hero EXP, x400 Advanced Stones, x10 Advanced Summon Scrolls, x30.000 Diamonds
  • Q987232199E
    Rewards: x400.000 Gold Coins, x150.000 Hero EXP, x300 Advanced Stones, x5 Advanced Summon Scrolls, x20.000 Diamonds
  • Q97DD5EDC90
    Rewards: x200.000 Gold Coins, x100.000 Hero EXP, x200 Advanced Stones, x5 Advanced Summon Scrolls, x10.000 Diamonds

Well, unfortunately, there are only some codes you can use, but I think all of them are great rewards for free players.

How To Redeem Elora Cavalry Codes

In case you still don’t know how to redeem the codes, then you can follow this step-by-step.

  1. Login to your Elora Cavalry
  2. Tap on your avatar in the top-left corner
    Elora Cavalry Redeem Code - Lobby
  3. On the profile page, tap the setting option below your avatar
    Elora Cavalry Redeem Code - Profile
  4. After that, you will see a menu with gift box icon, then go there
    Elora Cavalry Redeem Code - Setting
  5. Now paste the code that you’ve copied before
    Elora Cavalry Redemption Code

That’s all about Elora Cavalry Redeem Code. In case you still don’t have the game, you can download it from the link below.

Download Elora Cavalry Private Server

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