So recently I checked for updates from MU Origin Omega or OmegaMU and besides there are new applications, I also found some new code that you can use.
Of course I don’t know what prizes you can get from these codes, so feel free to try them yourself.
But as usual, make sure you only redeem this code on Omega Mu, not on other servers because it definitely won’t work at all.
And for those of you who are impatient with the code, you can copy the code below one by one and redeem it.

Download MU Origin Omega

All “MU Origin Omega” Redeem Code List

  • OMEGA00001
  • OMEGA00002
  • OMEGA00003
  • OMEGA00004
  • OMEGA00005
  • OMEGA00006
  • OMEGA00007
  • OMEGA00008
  • OMEGA00009
  • OMEGA00010
  • OMEGA00011
  • OMEGA00012
  • OMEGA00013
  • OMEGA00014
  • OMEGA00015
  • OMEGA00016
  • OMEGA00017

Okay, that’s all the code list you can use right now. The conclusion is that you can try new code by sorting the existing numbers, because the code in this game is not given with random numbers or letters. For example, as you can see that the last code here is OMEGA00017, then next time you can try OMEGA00018 and so on.