Nulls Clash

by silversh

Nulls Clash is an unofficial private server of the Clash of Clans game. This server constantly receives update, as the official game. You can fight in online battles and participate in clan wars. There are no restrictions for you, as an unlimited of gems with resources are accrued.

Although resources may not be needed, because accelerated commands are available on the server.

Nulls Clash Private Server Features

  •  Unlimited Resource,
  •  GM Command available,
  •  New super Troops,
  •  New Siege Machine,
  •  New Invisibility Spell,
  •  New levels and skins.
  • Feel free to join our discord and find guildmate or friend to play with!
  • The features of Nulls Clash Private Server listed above is features when this game first time shared at PrivateGames.Link.

Available Commands

To use this command, you can create a Clans then write any command you want in the clans chat

  • /asp – attack your base;
  • /clean – reset your account;
  • /crazyskins – enable/ disable king skin for barbarians and queen skin for archers;
  • /full – upgrade heroes, troops, spells and buildings to max level;
  • /g – switch global chat;
  • /max – maximize all resources;
  • /min – spend all resources;
  • /th level – upgrade town hall your village to specified level (Example command: /th 12);

Server Information

  • Last Updated

    July 6, 2022

  • Released

    January 2, 2021

  • File Included


  • File Size

    170.9 MB

  • Compatible With

    Android 5.0+

  • Version


  • Categories
  • Game Language(s)
  • Require VPN
  • Require ID
  • Need OBB
  • Active

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