Alright, many of you still ask or don’t understand the meaning of “League of Angel 2 – Free 500 Recharge”, so here I will briefly explain how to get that and what you get.
So the meaning of free recharge itself is that you will get an item or currency in the game that is worth 500 recharge. Not that you get 500 recharge in the form of money. Think about it, if what you get is in the form of cash balance, maybe you will think about withdrawing the money into your bank account. If that is the case, of course the game publishers will go bankrupt because they give money for free to the players, and there are thousands of players in the game. Let’s just say that there are 1000 players, then the publisher must spend 500,000 to give it to the player! What for? What benefits would be gained from doing something like this? Of course they make games for a profit not to waste money.

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Then stop talking about what you get, to get all items with this value, you only need to claim all the free diamonds in this game and also a monthly benefit card that is automatically activated, then you have got items and currencies with a value of more than 500. So to get this free recharge, you only need to play as usual and buy the prizes every day, then you will get items or currency equivalent to 500 yuan recharge.
There is no specific method to get this, so if you want to enjoy it, you just have to play the game and you get more free items.

So the conclusion is, the name “Free 500 Recharge” only describes how many free items or currency you can get when playing this, and of course this is really real because in this game you can see free diamonds prizes everywhere, even you get a hero with SSR grade for free after logging in for at least 7 days. So guys, please stop asking where you can claim 500 recharge for free, because you won’t be able to cash it into your bank account.