What is Semawur.com

semawur.com is the url shortener of the safelinku.com site. This site provides a url shortener with several advertisements which will be used to pay users who use this url shortener service and this site is a site from Indonesia, so the posts you pass use several Indonesian. But of course if you are not from Indonesia this site will display ads and a button for the address of the url in English.

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  1. What is Semawur.com
  2. The advantages of using safelinku.com
  3. How to register on safelinku.com
  4. How to pass semawur.com

The advantages of using safelinku.com

As I said at the beginning that this site is a site from Indonesia, the method of withdrawing funds from this site only supports Indonesian payment methods and also more payment methods such as OVO, Funds, Mobile Credit, Gopay and Bank Transfer. In addition, when you have withdrawn 2 times, then you have the right to turn off the recaptcha or keep it turned on when other people use the shortened url on this site. More than that, if you are proven to be a YouTuber, even a small YouTuber, you will get a different rate from other normal account accounts. To activate the YouTuber feature, you only need to share the shortened url in your video so that other people use it and the admin of this site will check it from the traffic sources they get when you make a withdrawal.

How to register on safelinku.com

To register on this site, you only need to register as on any website.

  1. First of all go to the registration page here (safelinku.com/auth/s…)
  2. Then fill in your data correctly so that there are no problems when withdrawing funds
  3. Do not forget to confirm that sent to your email
  4. Now you can start to shorten urls and make money or complete your other data first

How to pass semawur.com

  1. Visit any semawur.com url that you get from the internet. If you want to try, you can try visiting this link : semawur.com/lHnLvfli…
  2. Now you will see a semawur.com page that has articles and also some ads that appear. here you only need to wait 10 seconds until you can go to the next step.pass semawur.com
  3. If you get a pop up like this, you just have to click continue. but this rarely happens.pass semawur.com 2
  4. After your waiting time has finished, you just need to click “Click here to continue”pass semawur.com 3
  5. Then your browser will automatically open a new tab. all you have to do is close that new tab and return to the previous tab.pass semawur.com 4
  6. After you close that new tab, you only need to click “Get Link” to go to the actual page.pass semawwur.com 5
  7. And now you have come to the real page.

I think it’s really easy to get past this shortener even without using an ad blocker. but I don’t know why you guys still can’t pass this site.