Even though we just added a new Land of ROM recently, they have already started Land of ROM Episode 5 and of course, it is accompanied by various new things. If you are curious about what’s new from episode 5, then here are the new things added in season 5:

  • Bard (Male) and Dancer (Female) classes
  • New regions and dungeons such as Comodo, Pharaohs Lighthouse, East Cave Mao, West Cave Karu
  • New Enemies, MVPs and Minis such as Mutant Dragonoid and Tao Gunka
  • New main story quests lines
  • Level 105 accessories
  • Core R (New)
  • Many more

If you wish to update the app to episode 5, then you can download it here: https://privategames.link/download/land-of-rom/, then if you want to download the old version, or episode 4 version, then you can download it here: [Download]

If you previously played on the apk episode 4, and updated it to episode 5 then there was an error in the account or character, then you can fill out the form here: https://forms.gle/cZfZQkttJ8EwVAHA8.

That’s what I know about Land of ROM episode 5. Besides that, you can also use the redeem code daily1000 repeatedly with a cooldown of 24 hours.