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Mu Origin Cloud v8 Officially Closed, Why?

in Game Update on April 11, 2021

Well, bad news happened again this month, April 2021, because one of the private server games with free unlimited diamonds features, MU Origin Cloud V8 officially closed their servers.
This news was conveyed directly on their Facebook fanspage on April 1, 2021.
Even though we all know that private server games can close at any time, of course this makes us lose, because looking for private games with unlimited features is very difficult these days.
However, I still don’t know if this news is true that they closed the server, or they just did April Fools.
The following is the message they conveyed on their Facebook page:

Dear Everyone,
For the last 4-5 months there’s no more enough support to continue this server, we have used all our remaining funds even our personal money for the last few months and now it’s totally depleted so we don’t have any choice but to close down this private server. Most of our staff already left since last month that is why we are not able to update anything anymore.
I would like to take this time to thanks everyone specially those who supported us since the beginning. It was great having you all in the past years.
Thank you and goodbye.


Dear Everyone,For the last 4-5 months there’s no more enough support to continue this server, we have used all our…

Posted by MU Origin Cloud Mobile – Version 8.3 on Thursday, April 1, 2021

Well, if of course you can confirm for yourself whether this server is really closed or just doing April fools by downloading it here: http://privategames.link/download/mu-origin-cloud-v8/

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