Currently, there is a lot of information about private server games spread all over the internet, be it on Facebook, YouTube, or Google search. And there are various types of private server games that have been published, ranging from games for PC to games for android. and of the many scattered games, some of the most sought-after games are Clash of Clans private, Clash Royale private, Legacy of Discord Private and many others.
And since the game is much sought after, you can also search for various private server games for Android on this site, but unfortunately we can’t share some private server games because the official has forbidden to make private server versions, so we don’t share games that have been prohibited. And among the games that are prohibited from being made on the private server are all the games published on Supercell. You can read their official statement to prohibit the creation of a private server version here:…

What is a private server game?

In, it is written that the private server is a machine or virtual machine that is privately administrated. As servers need adequate internet connection, power and can be noisy, they are often located in a colocation center. Servers are available on the market the same way as laptops or desktops are available and can be purchased by individual already pre-configured. Ordinary desktop computers are not suitable to house in colocation centers as servers have specific form factor that allows them to fit many into a standard rack. This group also includes custom-designed experimental servers, made by hobbyists Virtual server also offer high degree of freedom, superuser access and low-cost service.
You can read more about what a private server is on the official wikipedia site here:…
And in my opinion, private server games are games that are not officially published by fans and there are some features or content that have been changed whether they are added or removed.
Even so, most private servers are run as a business medium by private server developers where players can get more “luxurious” items by “donating” with real money which is actually almost the same as recharging in the original game but the items you get can be more than normal price or more luxurious.

Advantages of playing private server games

Everything that has been developed by humans must have advantages and disadvantages as well as private server games. Apart from interesting features, here are some of the advantages of private server games:

  1. When you start playing a private server game, you will get more resources instantly and there are also several private games that provide unlimited features.
  2. Your account will not be banned after getting abundant resources because it is a feature of the private server itself and all players start with the same resources.
  3. Some private server games provide instant level features so you don’t have to bother taming the levels manually
  4. In-game “Donation” or “Recharge” items are cheaper than normal prices.
  5. You can contact the admin, moderator, game master or the like directly if you experience problems in the game.
  6. You can feel the classic version of a game where the original game has had a lot of updates but you prefer to play the classic version.
  7. And there are many more advantages of private servers that cannot be mentioned because each private server has their own flagship features.

Disadvantages of playing private server games

Since the above there are several advantages, on the other hand, of course, private server games have drawbacks. and here are some of the shortcomings of private server games that you might experience when playing them:

  1. Most private servers have a short life cycle.
  2. Most private servers do not provide a forget password feature
  3. Uncertain maintenance period
  4. Like any program you trust on the internet, a private server game file can contain malwares. But contrary to an old urban legend, it is not in the private server’s interest to hurt its players because it needs as many regular players as possible to survive (and to earn any money by selling services following a free to play model).
  5. Private servers may have bugs and stability issues due to being developed by small teams of hobbyists.
  6. To update the game, you need to re-download the “APK” file and need to reinstall it manually.
  7. Most private servers are only games with the RPG genre, so it will be difficult to find games in other genres.


Playing private server games is more tempting and fun. but there are actually more flaws and bugs that you might experience. So if you plan to play a game for a long time, then you can play official games because they are more stable and the services of official games are considerably longer than private servers. Besides that, you can experience new events if you play official games, while most private server games only repeat events that have already existed.
There may be many more advantages and disadvantages of private server games that I did not write down in this blog post, so don’t be surprised when you find bugs and have never been fixed when playing on private server games because they are written in the shortcomings of private server point 5.
In the end it is up to you to continue playing on the private server version or the official version.