Astral Guardian Unlimited

by silversh

Astral Guardian Unlimited is a different world RPG mobile game, with open scenes and exquisite.
The character modeling and cool skills have created a wonderful and fun adventure. Here, you will
As a brave man, descend to the chaotic astral continent, contract star fate, and make friends; collect the seven-star god

Beads, summon the dragon to pray; break into the Golden Zodiac to unlock exclusive astral spirits; walk with cute pets, write belonging.
For your fantasy adventure story.

Astral Guardian Unlimited Private Server Features

  • Free 10,000 yuan recharge cards,
  • Free VIP8 (Will increase after using recharge cards),
  • Free god orb, open the god dragon to pray, and get a big prize!
  • Unlimited access to God Orbs, which can be exchanged for recharge cards for free!
  • a lottery to get a percentage of rare attribute props, super high-end gems and other prizes!
  • Participate in the cute new expansion, astral secrets, and the golden twelve official activities to obtain
  • many special skills and help stars,
  • Rare benefits such as spirit, advanced equipment and materials!
  • Fast level-up,
  • Free Gift codes,
  • Free Diamonds, Bound Diamonds, Golds,
  • More New items, events, and freebies~
  • Feel free to join our discord and find guildmate or friend to play with!
  • The features of Astral Guardian Unlimited Private Server listed above is features when this game first time shared at PrivateGames.Link.

Server Information

  • Last Updated

    July 6, 2022

  • Released

    December 27, 2021

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  • File Size

    154.6 MB

  • Compatible With

    Android 5.0+

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  • Require VPN
  • Need OBB
  • Require ID
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