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MU Origin 2 USA is a brand new MU Origin 2 Private Server with lots of new events and features. The newest feature of this server is the Treasure Bag which has never existed before in any MU Origin 2 Private Server.

Through Treasure bag you can get free recharge to buy Blue Diamonds, run affiliate programs, and many more. You can even get VIP12 very easily, free orange grade gear, free accessories, free costumes, and much more. What are you waiting for? Join us!

MU Origin 2 USA Private Server Features

  •  Free 100.000 Pink Diamonds,
  •  Free VIP 5 (Instantly VIP12 after level 200),
  •  New Treasure Bag Feature,
  •  Farmable Blue Diamonds,
  •  Free Recharge (Treasure Bag),
  •  Free Gift Code,
  •  Open User center on web browser>Mentor> and use code H571C for Goods.
  •  Free Mount Costumes,
  •  10 x Rates for exp and drops,
  •  AA fragments drop in all maps above LUNAR SEA map,
  •  All AA fragments are character bound/locked,
  •  Trading disabled until level 200,
  •  Daily Quest Chests gives you Blue Diamonds,
  •  Blue Diamonds & AA fragments also drop in Kalima and Land of Trials,
  •  New Server event with event items at all mobs,
  •  New items in store to help you level up and upgrade faster,
  •  Free Skill Shards,
  •  Free Orange Grade fairy/elf,
  •  Free Weapon skin & Costume,
  •  Complete your daily quest to get blue diamonds.
  • [Click Here] to claim your treasure bag.
  • [Click Here] to join their discord server for more events.
  • Feel free to join our discord and find guildmate or friend to play with!
  • The features of MU Origin 2 USA Private Server listed above is features when this game first time shared at PrivateGames.Link.

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