SpeedCN is a VPN accelerator designed for overseas users to access China’s domestic network. SpeedCN really allows users to use without registration and download. When users located overseas accelerate with one-click acceleration, the data traffic to China is accelerated very quickly to the country, allowing overseas users to access Chinese websites and apps as quickly as they are in China, satisfying users to follow Chinese dramas and listen to Chinese Music, watching Chinese sports events and various needs to access the Chinese network.

Since on this website we share so many games with servers located in China, and some of them require you to use VPN or you won’t be able to enter the game, SpeedCN is one of the best choices for you to play games that use servers located at China. Not only requires vpn, there are also games that cannot be played even though you have used a Chinese vpn, one of which is Legacy of Discord.
Because we have tried playing legacy of discord games with several paid vpn but still unable to enter the game, but different from SpeedCN which is able to run on almost all games that use china servers.

Even though Speedcn has given you a VIP trial, it only lasts for 1 hour and maybe you want to play a game with a longer duration, so you are forced to use the free version which is very different from the VIP version. Even so, SpeedCN also gives you the opportunity to use the VIP trial the following day. so it’s easy for you to enjoy VIP for free for 1 hour every day.
But hey! that’s not what we discussed. For now I will provide an easy trick so that you can use SpeedCN VIP for more than 1 hour every day and here I will provide 2 ways that will definitely work if you do it right.

Download SpeedCN on Goole Play
Download SpeedCN on Google Play

The First Way (Tiring and Boring)

This first method is the easiest way for you to get SpeedCN VIP. however this way is very tedious and tiring if you do. in this way there are two parts you can do;

1. Waiting for the Next day
As said earlier, if you wait the next day, then you can get another vip trial, but the trial time you get is still the same, which is 1 hour.

2. Reset App Data
This second part is easier to do. If you run out of your VIP trial time, you can easily delete data from this application and then open the application again. and boooom! you get another vip trial like the first time you installed this application.

The Second Way (Reliable and Easy)

Well, in this second way you can get VIP for more than 1 hour or even more than 1 day. so make sure you follow these steps to get it.

  • First you need to download the teporary number application on the play store (this is only an alternative, you can also use your mobile number). If you don’t know which application, you can [Click Here]
  • After you install the temp number application, just leave the application alone. Now please open the SpeedCN app then go to the “Me” menu at the bottom right corner.
  • After opening the menu, you can connect your phone number (If you installed the temp number application, please open the application then use the number from that application) and you will receive a confirmation code. Make sure you enter the correct confirmation code, because this method will not work if you are not logged in.
SpeedCN open Setting
Speedcn Logged in
  • Once your account is connected, you can now open the “Me” menu again and open the scan menu to the left of the settings menu.
SpeedCN Scan Menu
Open Scan Menu – Speedcn
  • Then you can now scan the QR code below to get a VIP account
  • And after you have successfully performed the scan, you will see a pop-up whether the scan was successful or not. but the writing in the Pop-Up is in Chinese and it is definitely not written like this. If it is written like the image below it means your method failed
SpeedCN Pop-Up
Speedcn Failed
  • Back to number 5, if you don’t have 2 phones or can’t scan using camera, then you can open the gallery menu and choose the code you downloaded in method number 5.
SpeedCN Open Album
SpeedCN Choose CodeSpeedcn Scan album
  • After you finish scanning, now you will automatically return to the “Me” menu and all you need to do now is open the coupon menu.
Speedcn Open Coupon
Speedcn Account Menu – Open Coupon
  • And if you succeed, you will get a free VIP coupon that you can use without having to pay first.
Speedcn VIP Coupon

Those are all the ways to get SpeedCN VIP for free and easy which until now is still working and you can try it yourself.
By the way, if you still don’t know how to use this VPN, you just open this application and then click on the start menu with the circle logo and play in the middle which looks so big and clear.