Alright, let’s straight to the point. Here you can learn how to register an account, claim freebies pack, and free gift codes in the Fate Oath English Edition.

If you still don’t have this game in your mobile or android emulator, you can download it here:

Fate Oath English Edition: How to Register

Fate Oath English Edition How to Register

  1. First of all, go to the registration website here:
  2. After the registration page is fully loaded, now you can start to fill up all the column.
  3. In the Phone Number Column, you can use this phone number: 0984313453
  4. And after all the column filled up, then just hit the Sign Up button, and your account should ready to use.

Fate Oath English Edition: How to Claim Freebies Pack

After you have an account, now you can claim freebies pack. But, please remember that you can claim freebies pack for the game you’ve played. So, make sure you playing the game, at least creating a character to claim your freebies.

How to claim the freebies?

  1. Login using the account you want to use to claim the freebies here:
  2. There should be menu in any table, and choose any usable code for Magic Contract. (Magic Contract and Fate Oath are the same game). In this case, the usable code was GFV-9D9AHO77 and GFV-8RFFP9IO.
    Fate Oath Freebies Code
  3. Click on the usable code, and you’ll redirected to purchase page.
    Fate Oath Freebies Code Redemption
  4. Choose the server where you play, then your character.
  5. In the package option, make sure to choose the 10.000 Coins option, so you can get freebies.
  6. Enter the captcha, and hit the Buy Gold button.
  7. Now the rewards will automatically added to your character (No email, notification in-game, etc.).

Fate Oath English Edition: Free In-game Gift Codes

Still need more rewards, then you can copy all these codes, and exchange them in-game to get even more rewards.

  • GFV888K