Since this site shares various Chinese private server games, you may be wondering, how to register a new account.
In addition, even if it works, sometimes you still have to provide a Chinese ID for verification in order to play, so first of all, I will talk about “why you need a Chinese ID to play?”

Why is Chinese ID required?

From what I know, game restrictions are issued by the National Press and Publication Administration, which are usually notified by game publishers with a notice like this:



In response to the latest notice issued by the National Press and Publication Administration, further strict management is required to effectively prevent minors from indulging in online games. In addition to the restrictions on minors’ recharge, they can only be used on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays at 20 o’clock every day Provide one-hour game service to minors until 21:00.

Logging in without real name will be restricted. We hereby appeal to users without real name to complete real name authentication as soon as possible!

The translation above was translated using translate because I don’t know anything about Chinese. there may be some translation errors.

From the notice above, we now know that the National Press and Publication Administration has implemented strict rules to prevent minors from being addicted to online games, and to enforce this restriction, of course an ID is required to determine if you are really under age or are old enough to play online games.
However, in the rules it is written that minors can play for 1 hour during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 20.00 to 21.00.
But! Unfortunately, to keep minors from playing games, most games require you to fill in an ID to play, even if you don’t have an ID you are considered a minor.
Then, how to play games without an ID and not be subject to a playing time limit?

How to play games without an ID and not be subject to a playing time limit

Unfortunately, for now if you don’t have a valid Chinese ID, then you won’t be able to play, even on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 20.00 to 21.00.
That is easy! just use fake Chinese ID!
maybe you think about doing that, but still, fake ID is still a fake ID and you won’t be able to use it to register.
So is there a way to register without an ID? I thought you already knew the answer from the start when I showed you the notice from the game, and well, it’s a shame if you find a game that requires an ID, that means you can’t play the game unless you have a valid ID to register.
So, let’s just say that the server that needs the ID are closed, and you can try to play other games, because, as you know, we are constantly adding to the list of games that you can try.