What is BTgame

BTgame is a private server game application market platform from China where some of the games shared on this site are taken from that platform. This platform is very popular for looking for private server games in Chinese and other interesting games. In addition, this platform is devoted to private server games and has also provided various gift codes that can be used according to the game you are playing from this platform.

Why we need to share this guide

Of course we didn’t make this guide without reason. Previously we did not know if some players would experience a login page in Chinese because when we entered the login page of all games from this platform we always used English so we didn’t realize that some players would register in Chinese. So to make it easier for players to register for an account, you can follow the method below. but if you have registered in another game but are still from the same platform, then you don’t need to re-register.

BTgame chinese login – PrivateGames.Link

How to find out if the game is from BTgame platform

To know that the games you download come from the BTgame platform, you can find out on login page, there is BTgame logo with text. so its really simple to find out.

How to register on BTgame

First of all we apologize because we can not show the registration steps in Chinese, because we never found a registration page or login in Chinese. But you can still follow these steps because everything is the same, it’s just that there are differences in language.

  1. Open your game, and after that you will automatically redirected to login page before entering game
  2. After you arrived to the login page, simply click register on bottom left corner underneath login button
  3. After you arrived to registration page, you can register there using your email. however this email only used to register, and you don’t need to confirm.
    if you want to register using username, then simply tap register once again.Reg-BTgame-2
  4. And there finally you only need to fill your form. whether register using email or username, there is no different at all.
  5. After you fill all form needed, just click sign up and you ready to play game you wish to play.That’s the short and easy way if you experience problems when registering from games that come from the BTgame platform. If you still have problems, simply join our discord server. but if you find this useful, please share it with your friends.

PS: You can also use this guide to register on Batu Game!