Even though I’ve shared how to get and redeem the Astral Guardian Unlimited gift code, just in case you still can’t find the redeem code, so I’ve made it easy for you.

As usual, all you have to do is tap on the code on this page and the code will be copied automatically.

How to Redeem Astral Guardian Unlimited Gift Codes

Let’s just say that you don’t know how to exchange the code, or are confused because this game uses Chinese, then you can follow the steps below to exchange the Astral Guardian unlimited gift code.

ALL Astral Guardian Unlimited Gift Codes

  • LZ666
    x1 Hunting ticket, x1 Experience copy Ticket, x1 Experience Copy Ticket, x5000 Diamonds
    Expired: Never
  • LZ999
    Level 3 Attack Gem *1, Level 3 Life Gem *1, Smelting Stone *10, Orange Smelting Stone *1
    Expired: Never
  • GM666
    Soul Ball Fragments *100, Soul Melting Flame *100, 20 million gold coins, four-star Dragon Orb *10
    Expired: Never
  • GM888
    Silver Animal Pack *1, Silver Partner Equipment Box *1, Brutal Beast Source Stone *1, Broken-Partner Original Stone *1
    Expired: Never
  • GM999
    Beginner mount tree Fruit *15, Beginner Upgrade Stone *15, Intermediate Spar *5, Divine Outfit Voucher *5
    Expired: Never
  • HX999
    Beginner Wing Emblem *20, Beginner Treasure Emblem *20, Beginner Expert Medallion *20, Gold Coins 20.000.000
    Expired: Never
  • SD666
    Intermediate Feather Emblem *5, Intermediate Treasure Emblem *5, Intermediate Expert Medallion *5, Christmas Hairstyle *1
    Expired: Never
  • YD666
    Ordinary equipment suit stone box *10, orange scouring stone *2, evil source stone *1, etc.
    Expired: Never

Those are all Astral Guardian Unlimited gift codes that you can use to get additional benefits.
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