Hi There, after yesterday I share All Elora Cavalry redeem codes, now, here we will talk about other redeem codes, and of course, it’s redemptional code for a different game.
So, here we will talk about Naruto OL Redeem Codes, and just like other redeem codes, make sure you redeem all of the codes as soon as possible before the quota are full, or get expired.

But before we go to all code lists, please remember that this code only works on Naruto OL Ninja New Generation from this link (https://privategames.link/download/naruto-ol/), not from others!

All Naruto OL Redeem Codes

Redeem CodesRewardsExpiry Condition
dcfllbx1 SS Ninja Optional Box, x20 Recruitment Coupon, x500.000 Silver CoinsNo Expire
2021666x1 Random S Ninja Box, x5 Micro-Note Optional Gift Pack, x20 Shinobu TokenNo Expire
99999x1 Random S Ninja Box, x6 Phisical STR Pack, x1 Random Medium Equipment BoxNo Expire
66666x5 Micro-Note Optional Gift Pack, x10 Bloodstones, x1M Silver CoinsNo Expire
666666x5 High Quality Ramen, x1 Random S Ninja Box, x10 Stamina PackNo Expire
888888x5 High Quality Ramen, x1M Silver Coins, x1 Random S Ninja BoxNo Expire
999999x5 High Quality Ramen, x1M Silver Coins, x60 Phisical STR PackNo Expire

Only that? Yup, unfortunately only those codes you can use, so remember to redeem them as soon as possible. Because, even the note said that the code never expires, but… who knows…

How To Exchange Naruto OL Redeem Codes

Before we go to step-by-step redeeming the codes, just in case you still don’t have the game yet, you can download it here: https://privategames.link/download/naruto-ol/

Now, to redeem the codes, you can follow these step-by-step.

  1. Open your Naruto OL Ninja New Generation and login
  2. In the lobby, tap your avatar in the top-left corner
    Naruto OL Redeem Codes
  3. Now you’ll see your profile card and some button. Tap on the third button from left
    Naruto OL Redeem Codes
  4. Now you’ll see the redemption page, and just paste the code you’ve copied before, and redeem
    Naruto OL Redeem Codes

That’s all. if you still have a question about Naruto OL Redeem Codes or anything on this website, you can join our Discord server and ask someone else on the server. [Click here] to join our Discord server.