Just like Yueyou and BTgame, Milu or 99maiyou is a private server game platform from china which some games may also be shared here. So instead you guys always asking on how to register, here I will show you how to easily create this milu or 99maiyou account and of course you don’t have to use a phone number, just use a username and password.
Okay, instead of being explained at length, you can go straight to the guide sequence below, but before that, maybe you are also interested in reading the previous article.

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alright, now we jump to the simple guide that I have included a picture if you don’t understand it either. But even if you have used an image and you are having problems, just leave a comment so can get some assist.

Step by step creating a Milu account

Before starting the guide, I remind you that you can click on the image to see the full version

  1. After you enter the game and see the login page, select the register menu on the left under the login button
  2. At this point you can register, but using a phone number. If you want to register using a username, then click the quick register button again on the left under the register button
  3. And finally now you can register using a username. First column is filled with username, second column is password, third column is repeat password
  4. If before logging in you encounter this pop-up, it means the platform asks for your name and identification number, but you can ignore this by pressing the X button on the top right
  5. Now you can log into the game by selecting the play now menu as on most other chinese platforms


Even though chinese may seem difficult to understand, even I don’t understand anything from chinese except 哈哈哈, but to create an account from a chinese game platform is actually not difficult and almost all platforms have the same method.
Well, in the end we prefer english games even don’t really understand that too, but maybe that’s better. So we might try to add to the list of games that use English, so don’t forget to continue to support us by sharing this page or YouTube channel, and include resources when you share games.