as the title suggests, so here we will talk about how to change the language of Heaven DNM aka Revolution DNM Awaken to the language you usually use.
Keep in mind that currently there are only three languages available, Indonesian, Filipino and English.
So, let’s jump to the step-by-step change Heaven DNM Awaken language.

How to Change Heaven DNM Awaken Language

  1. First, you must download Heaven DNM Awaken if you haven’t done it yet. you can download it here
  2. It’s up to you whether you want to install it right away or later, for sure, now you need to download a patch to change the language.
    1. Download English Patch
    2. Download Indonesia Patch
    3. Download Filipino Patch
  3. Done Downloading? Now make sure you already install Heaven DNM Awaken on your device, and then extract the patch to this path:
    Adroid/data/com.tencent.tmgp.dragonnestlz/files/update/AssetsBundle/ < Extract Here >
  4. After that? You’ve successfully change the game language! Congratulations!

If you have done step-by-step but the language has not changed, please join their discord server to ask further questions, because here I only share the existing method.