How To Create Direct Download — If you are newly using the service to download files, you might be confused about the download process from this site. Or it could be that you feel keeping browser tabs open while downloading is very boring. Therefore, we will talk about how to directly download all files uploaded on

But keep in mind, this method only works to make direct downloads for files uploaded on, and cannot be used for other sites. If you want to create direct download links for other sites, then you need to try other tools or sites that provide related direct download services.

How To Create Direct Download

No more words are needed, so get on with it!

  1. First of all, copy the download link of any file on the if you just want testing, you can copy this link
  2. After you copy the link, now open the direct download generator (getmega) here: direct download - getmega
  3. Paste the previously copied download link in the column, then tap the download button
  4. Wait a few seconds and your direct download link will appear in a new column direct download - getmega download link
  5. Now, for the last one, you just need to visit the link that appears in the new column, then you will automatically download the file from without having to keep the browser tab open.

Is that all? yes, that’s all. But there are a few things you need to know before using this direct download service before you regret it later.

What You Should Know About Direct Download

Needless to say, here are some things you need to know before you use the getmega service!

  • Getmega only supports direct download for files uploaded on
  • You can download from getmega at full speed depending on your internet connection
  • You can download from getmega using Internet Download Manager (IDM), while you must use an opened-tab browser on
  • Your direct download link will expire after an hour, make sure you can download the files within this time limit
  • You can generate 1 download link per minute with the same IP

That’s all that I know about getmega. Do you know more about this service? just tell us and everyone, so you would help everyone in the world who read this article.