Blade & Soul Revolution Private for mobile has been a long time since they were published, and until now they are still adding interesting events for you players. Recently they added a new event “Christmas and New Year’s Day consecutive activities” where you can participate in the event and win some very luxurious prizes and there is also a recharge event if you feel that you are still not satisfied with the free gifts you get.

Intrigued by the event, please see the following event details:

Christmas Event

Login on December 24, 2020 8.50pm (GMT + 8) and you will get:

  • 6.666 Diamonds
  • 666 exp potions
  • 6 HongMoon bundles

New Year Event

Login on January 1, 2021 8.50pm (GMT + 8) and you will get:

  • 6.000 diamonds
  • 1 LEGENDARY Weapon restoration stone
  • 1 Radiant Heroic Weapon restoration stone
  • 1 LEGENDARY Accessory restoration stone

Recharge Events

Starting from 23 December 202 to 2 January 2021 23.59pm you can take part in the following recharge event

1. Christmast Gift

This item can be purchased for MYR 160 (USD 39.37) and everyone can buy it 10 times a week and is reset every Monday. from this gift you can get:

  • 25.000 Diamonds
  • 2 LEGENDARY Accessory restoration stones
  • 500 exp potion
  • 2 HongMoon bundles

2. Changes to cumulative recharge rewards

Previously when your accumulated recharge reached MYR 16,000, you could get 2 LEGENDARY weapons and 1 Obsidian Spirit Belt, but now this has changed to:

  • Accumulated recharge up to MYR 12000, get 1 LEGENDARY weapon (no PVP) and 1 Obsidian Spirit Belt.
  • Accumulated recharge up to MYR 16000, get 1 PVP LEGENDARY Weapons, 2 LEGENDARY weapon restoration stone and 2 LEGENDARY Accessory Box.

That’s what we know from updates and events for this game. We don’t ask you to recharge and we don’t guarantee the safety or authenticity of this recharge event, for more details, maybe you can contact the admin of this game first before recharging.