Nowadays, who doesn’t know or has never played games, especially mobile games? I’m sure you’ve played mobile games, be it online or offline games. But did you know that in online games, there is a game made by the fan community to be played, where usually games like this are called private server mobile games.

What Exactly is a Private Server Games?

So basically, a private game server is a private game server created by fans, where in the game there are several or many things that are modified, be it by adding features such as getting free diamonds, free vip, etc. or by removing existing features such as removing the top up feature. For more detailed information about what a private server game is, you can read the previous article here, or you can also go to Wikipedia here.

Alright, now that you know a bit about what a private server game is, then let’s go straight to the main topic in this article, which is the top 5 mobile games with private servers.
But before that, what I mean are 5 official games that have various versions of private servers, not me sharing the private server games directly.

So, let’s jump to the list~

Clash of Clans

The first game that has the most private servers is Clash of Clans. Who doesn’t know that there is a private server version of this Clash of Clans game?
Most Clash of Clans private server games offer unique features that you certainly can’t find in the official version, because most private server versions give you the convenience of building a village with just one tap, or with just a line of command, and booom! Your TownHall (TH) will instantl go up to highest level you ever have.

Here are some Clash of Clans private servers that were popularly played at the time of this article: Null’s Clash, Plenix Clash, Atrasis, Clash Servers, etc.

Clash Royale

Still with the same publisher, Clash Royale is the second game that has the most private server versions. In the private server version, most Clash Royale features unlimited mana (or elixir, I don’t remember correctly since I haven’t played in a long time) and also usually all players will get cards without having to get them manually.
Besides that, of course, the private server version mostly gives players the opportunity to get unlimited gems or diamonds, which I don’t really know what the unlimited gems are used for when we’ve got all the cards in the game.

Here are some Clash Royale private servers that were popularly played at the time of this article: Nulls Royale, Master Royale, FHX Royale, Plenix Royale, etc.

Dragon Nest M

Switching from strategy games, now in third place is the Action MMORPG game which currently has lots of private server versions that you can play, Dragon Nest M.
If in the previous two games you were required to hone your strategy, then in this game you are required to increase your strength and also the speed of your fingers in playing, so you can conquer the dragon who is the main enemy in this game.

In the private server version, most Dragon Nest M or DNM players will usually get diamonds, as well as equipment with very high stats, free diamonds, and even auto level up to the maximum.

Here are some Dragon Nest M private servers that were popularly played at the time of this article: Cabadbaran DNM Awaken, Conqueror DNM PH, Fortlock DNM, Hope Dragon Nest M, etc.

MU Origin & MU Origin 2

The next mobile game with a high private server population is MU Origin and MU Origin 2 private server. Just like Dragon Nest M, in this game you need to increase your strength so that you can become number one on the server, be it in PVE, PVP, or PK modes.

Since these two games are basically one of a kind, then I add these two games in one number. Well, even though the gameplay and graphics are different, basically the gameplay is the same.
Most MU Origin and MU Origin 2 private servers offer free diamonds, free VIP, free equipment, and the easiest way to get diamonds without draining your wallet.

Here are some MU Origin and MU Origin 2 private servers that were popularly played at the time of this article: MU2 Philipine, MU Origin 2 USA, MU Origin Private Global, Rufian Origin 2, MU Origin Ro, etc.

Brawl Stars

The last game on this list is Brawl Stars. Actually I don’t know much about this game, but in Brawl Stars private server players usually can play various unique custom characters and maybe they’ve never played before. For more information about this game, I’m not sure myself. So right away, here are the currently popular Brawl Stars private servers to play: Null’s Brawl, reBrawl, etc.


Of course, in addition to the list of 5 games above, there are still many private server games, especially for Android, and if you are confused about where to get the latest private server games, then you can look for them on the main page of this website. Because on this website you can find various updated private server games. In addition, you can also join our discord community to enliven the server.
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